We have a love-love relationship with our customers


How do we manage that?

Our clients do more than provide us with revenue, they impart the inspiration that fuels our fire, that motivates us to continually grow and improve our efforts. They drive our success - and we live for the ride.

Luckily, the fruits of our labor are abundant, and our continued passion for helping our customers hire incredible team members has resulted in pretty darn enthusiastic fans…we daresay, champions.

Tales of shared victory

Nothing tickles us pinker than hearing stories that celebrate our customers as hiring heroes. Check out some of our favorite success scoops below.

With Wonderlic, Duracell improves retention to 80%, reduces hiring time and onboarding costs.
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People of few (but awesome) words

Aw shucks, they really do like us.

Ken Brown

CEO, Hire10

George Wauchope

CEO, Hirago

Barb Dusek

HR Director, Imagine IT

Justin Zeller

Owner & GM, Red House Custom Building

Christine Locascio

CFO, Nania Energy Advisors

Fred Shaw

VP, Underwriting Marketing, United Home Insurance Co.

CJ Van Wagner

COO, Conpac Group, Inc.

Brent Marler

Owner, J&W Heating and Air

Meagan McKinnon

Head of Customer Experience, ParkWhiz

Blake Marchant

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Maureen Hascher

VP, Talent

Jenny Horne

HR & Training Coordinator Sales Beacon

Adela Gonzalez

CEO Future Force Personnel Services

Betsy Wolf

VP of Human Resources RESICAP

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