Actors aren’t the only professionals who ask the question: “What’s my motivation?” That’s because motivation is what keeps people going. In fact, that inspiration leads to higher levels of job satisfaction, career stability, and performance.

But how do you know which candidates are most likely to possess that fire-in-the-belly factor? Or who will remain committed to individual and organizational success?

Before you go spending petty cash on carrots and sticks, measure their grit.

Averaging 10-15 minutes, the 58-item assessment is based on leading workplace motivation model, Holland/RIASEC.

It evaluates a candidate’s interests, which helps predict how motivated they will be by the actual responsibilities of the job.

The more motivated they are by those responsibilities, the likelier they will succeed in that position.


How you benefit

Quickly identify motivated self-starters
Decrease employee absences and turnover rates
Help create a company culture that values successful results
Avoid costly mis-hires and losses linked to underperforming employees
Identify candidates most likely to make positive, long-term contributions to your organization

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