The art of selection made easy.


There's a lot of science behind figuring out who the right candidate for your job is.

That’s why we’ve done the heavy lifting - so
you can easily identify and select top
candidates for any job, in any industry.

As the trusted source for pre-employment assessments, organizations of every size make better hiring decisions by leveraging our knowledge and expertise.

Alone, each test provides valuable insight into your candidates. In combination, they give you a comprehensive "whole person" view to identify the right fit for your job. Our tests are predictive, objective hiring tools that enhance any selection process.


Rock your recruiting

wonderlic-Epic_Expertise wonderlic-Epic_Expertise

Epic expertise

We bring together boatloads of advanced degrees in industrial and organizational psychology. (Even our general counsel holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Psychology in addition to his J.D.). With decades of combined experience, these gurus have delivered effective and efficient recruiting solutions to countless organizations.

wonderlic-Job_Score wonderlic-Job_Score

Job-specific scoring

We know that there are a variety of jobs out there. Each requires different combinations of abilities, skills, and personality characteristics. So, using assessments that identify how well an individual meets the requirements of the job is key. That's why we provide job-specific scoring ranges. We got you.

wonderlic-Running wonderlic-Running

Up and running quickly

You’ll be good to go and ready to leverage Wonderlic in no time. And should you ever have a question, our superhero support team is just a bat signal away.

wonderlic-Online_Access wonderlic-Online_Access

Easy online access

Our online security game is tight. User-friendly technology makes it easy to administer tests, view results, and track candidate information at the speed of light.

Did you know you can test your candidates for cognitive ability, motivation, and personality - and get a single fit-to-job score? That's how we do.

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