Hire better with WonScore

Our comprehensive pre-hiring assessment helps you quickly identify top applicants, all backed by industry-leading science.


Supercharge your hiring process in minutes with our all-in-one assessment

identifies-tops identifies-tops
Identifies Top Applicants

Screens in your shortlist candidates - and saves you from hiring bad apples

stream-hiring stream-hiring
Streamlines the Hiring Process

Screens out unqualified candidates to avoid time wasted on resumes and interviews

predict-applicant-fit predict-applicant-fit
Applicant Fit

Tailored results specific to job openings - no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all reports

compares-side-by-side compares-side-by-side
Compares Candidates

Rates applicants, highlighting relative strengths & weaknesses

drops-bias drops-bias
Drops Bias in
the Process

Provides objectivity to make fair and intelligent decisions

Reinventing hiring assessment
by turbocharging robust industrial/ organizational psychology with the power of data science

Check out the rigor behind our technology


Learn from the best - our customers

blenderbottle testimonial
Wonderlic cuts down on your time significantly because you don't have to filter through every single candidate.
Blake Marchant
Talent Acquisition Specialist
actionlink testimonial
After implementing Wonderlic we've really opened up our talent pool and pipeline.
Maureen Hascher
VP, Talent

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