Our company has a charge.

To unleash a seriously awesome assessment platform
that tests, analyzes, and compares candidates.

What makes us tick?

We understand that deep fulfillment and transformational magic occur when individual potential is matched to the right opportunity.


Our commitment is to developing and leveraging the most fair, best predictive science possible...

…so as to ensure every individual is treated fairly and every organization can make objective, data-driven, and informed hiring choices.

Mission received. Mission accepted.

The leaders of our pack

Our management team brings together years of expertise in the fields of industrial and organizational psychology, product development, innovation, and employment testing.

And we dug up some juicy morsels about their personal lives.


Marvel at our universe

We’re known for helping organizations find top performing candidates - so it’s no surprise we strive to do the same thing
for ourselves.

To assemble the strongest team, we supply a diverse universe chock-full of workplace warriors of every kind, legendary benefits, and an epic work-life balance. The Avengers ain’t got nothing on us.

Our evolution


We’ve packed a lot into our 80+ year history.

From our humble roots in E.F. Wonderlic’s basement to leading the industry with cutting-edge AI, we continue to empower organizations from every industry to make stellar hiring selections. And our story is only beginning.

Check out how we’ve been innovating since 1937 >

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