You need candidates with more than just the skills and abilities to the job. You need people with the right temperament and reliability - to boost employee and employer satisfaction.

When people like what they do, they’re happier and more effective. Makes sense. But if you want to truly understand how a candidate’s personality can impact job satisfaction and performance - let us drop some knowledge on you.

The profile dimensions of this assessment, based on the Fiver-Factor Model of personality, cover a holistic model of a person’s day-to-day workplace personality:


Better understanding of how these personality factors affect candidate fit-to-job reduces recruitment costs and turnover. This assessment is essential not only for hiring, but also for developing existing employees.

How you benefit

Improve employee productivity and satisfaction by matching a candidate’s personality traits to job fit
Decrease employee turnover
Identify candidates most suitable for a specific job
Evaluate current employees for developmental purposes

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