The most easy-to-use,
easy-to-understand platform in pre-hiring assessments


Included in every plan

  • 6-layers
    Weighted scores that give you the bottom line on your candidates

    Get comprehensive, easy-to-understand scoring on analyses of cognitive ability,
    motivation, and personality. The net-net.

  • 6-layers
    Deep candidate insights to truly know your applicants’ qualification

    Gain visibility into candidates’ strengths and weaknesses as they relate to job performance. X-ray glasses not included.

  • 6-layers
    Automatically highlights the most qualified individuals

    Quickly identify top candidates
    with sortable, stack-ranked
    results. The ultimate hiring

  • 6-layers
    Job-tailored to match the abilities of applicants with the needs of your positions

    Ensure candidates can handle
    the role - with scoring aligned to
    your specific job requirements.
    No cookie-cutters here.

  • 6-layers
    Unparalleled ease-of-use for you, your team, and your applicants

    From start to finish, the most user-friendly, intuitive platform out there. Yes, we said it.

  • 6-layers
    Works within your existing hiring processes

    Enjoy a seamless, integrated experience with multiple tools, such as your ATS, job board, or HR platform. We play nice.

Everything you need in a candidate assessment platform
You're going to need a bigger HR toolbox
Assessment Components
Cognitive ability Shows if your candidates can learn, solve problems, and think critically.
Motivation Describes how much your candidates are going to be interested and motivated by the role..
Personality Assesses the alignment of candidates' personality traits with the demands of the job.
Weighted score Provides an overall score, combining all assessment components, to prioritize your top candidates and screen out the least qualified applicants.
Job-tailored results Measures how well your candidates align with the position using a role-specific scoring range.
In-depth candidate insights Allows you to see into individuals' strengths and weaknesses for the role with expanded details across job-relevant scales.
Job seeker ranking Gives an immediate view of where applicants rank to determine who you should focus on, and who should be screened-out.
Side-by-side candidate comparison Quickly compares up to four individuals from your shortlist, on the components that are most important to the needs of each job.
National average benchmarks Shows how your applicants' cognitive ability scores compare to national averages for each job.
Easy set-up and administration An intuitive interface allows for users of varying experience to easily test candidates and quickly understand the results.
Streamlined workflows Initiates the test taking process without manual intervention from HR - with key integrations, pre-filled email templates, and other tools.
Performance dashboard Shows the view of results across all of your job openings.
Advanced permissions Multiple layers of permissions to protect individual data.
Collaboration functionality Easily empowers everyone in the hiring process - with shareable results and customized, role-based views. Available in multiple online and offline formats.
Structured interview guides Keeps interviews consistent and rigorous - with job-specific questions developed by highly-trained, Industrial/Organizational psychologists.
Onboarding guide Sets new hires and their managers up for success with individualized onboarding guides.
Training-free So user-friendly and easy to use, get set up and begin testing candidates in less than four minutes! And for an optimized experience, included is a self-service content library for advanced users.
Test flow configuration Ability to place the various test components at different stages throughout the hiring process.
Candidate-status notification Sends notifications as configured by user, by job opening, by candidate, and/or by score.
Candidate-data view Determines which information hiring managers see within the platform to make it easy to highlight the insights most important to each user.
Candidate Experience
Test-taker friendly Prep sample questions, test intermissions, remote-testing, and more all help candidates have a positive experience in the platform.
Engaging test experience Ensures candidates will complete the assessments with test items and questions that are proven to keep their attention.
Multi-job assessment No need for candidates to test again when applying to more than one job. Test responses are rescored to get a new interpretation for each position.
Email and phone support Gives candidates easy access to support for them to smoothly launch, complete, and submit their assessments.

Optional Paid Services

Email, chat, and phone support

Access to highly-experienced assessment pros.

Customized training

Live and recorded training sessions personalized for your team.

I/O consulting guidance

In-depth test interpretation and hiring process design advice from the experts.

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