You want to know if your candidates have the ability to:

  • learn
  • learn
  • learn
    Solve problems
  • learn
    Understand instructions
Probably a good plan.

Our cognitive assessments measure just that - with proven, results. Organizations of every size (and from literally every industry) trust Wonderlic’s respected and widely accepted assessments.

I/O-tested, industry-approved.

Using cognitive results to match candidates to jobs consistent with their abilities gets you a whole lotta benefits

  • benefits-icon
    Improved retention
  • benefits-icon
    Decreased training time
  • benefits-icon
    Reduced involuntary turnover
  • benefits-icon
    Increased productivity

Looks like you just solved a bunch of problems. You’re welcome.


Wonderlic Personnel Test

(aka The Wonderlic Test)

The most respected and widely used cognitive
assessment in the world? Yes, please.

Assesses candidates’ cognitive ability as it relates
to job success. Home of the original cognitive
ability assessment, and we’ve been perfecting it
for over 80 years.

This is the real deal. Accept no substitutes.

The Wonderlic Personnel Test, which measures general mental ability, is widely accepted as the single best predictor of job success. Boom.

More specifically, it accurately measures a candidate’s ability to understand instructions, learn, adapt, solve problems, and handle the cognitive demands of the position.

Just think of it as your way of stacking the odds in your favor.

Under the Hood

Tailor-to-your-job Tailor-to-your-job
Tailor to your job

Job-specific scoring ranges for over 1,000 jobs across every industry. You can even work with our team of wunderkinds to create custom job profiles.

Easily-understand-reports Easily-understand-reports
Easily understand reports

Get an easy-to-interpret, one-page report that indicates candidate suitability for that position. A three-color system illustrates candidate suitability at a glance. Report includes narrative interpretations on job and training potential.

Do-everything-online Do-everything-online
Do everything online

Online administration, scoring, and reporting. Launch the 12 minute test onsite or remotely. Individual or group administration. Results available in minutes.

Manage-simply Manage-simply
Manage simply

Online sort and filter tools enable you to quickly rank, order and prioritize candidates based on score. Easily track applicant progression.

Trustworthy-results Trustworthy-results
Trustworthy results

Item Response Theory scoring uses item level characteristics such as item difficulty and the likelihood of guessing to improve the accuracy of results.

Get your motor running

Assess an individual’s ability to learn
Avoid costly mis-hires
Decrease training time
Reduce involuntary turnover
Increase overall productivity
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