There’s a reason that knowledge assessments are popular with human resource executives, hiring managers, and training professionals. It’s because at the end of the day you’re putting a lot of hope into the hiring process if you’re not testing.

Wonderlic skills tests are used for hiring and training, with proven results.

Basic skills tests give you real insight into a candidate’s capabilities.

By selecting employees with the appropriate level of skill required for successful performance, you can:

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    Improve Productivity

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    Reduce Training Time

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    Reduce Turnover

So, get ready to flex your selection skills.


Wonderlic Basic Skills Test Proctored or Non-Proctored

Do your candidates have the basic math and verbal skills to keep up with the job?

When it comes to selection in the hiring jungle,
heed the advice of that famous bear, look for someone
with bare necessities (at least).

The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test identifies whether applicants have the minimum math and verbal skills required for a given job.

Verbal area evaluated include:
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    Word Knowledge
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    Sentence Construction
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    Information Retrieval
Quantitive areas evaluated include:
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    Explicit Quantitive Skills
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    Applied Quantitive Skills
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    Interpretive Quantitive Skills

Test verbal or quantitative portions individually - or together. Administration time is 20 minutes per test (total time under an hour). Useful for employee selection and verifying that all employees have the basic skills to participate effectively in the International Organization for Standardization (IOS) and other quality assurance initiatives.

By selecting individuals who have the ability to handle the requirements of the job or program, you can reduce training time and turnover. So, you can forget about your worries and your strife.

Making it happen

Tailor-to-your-job Tailor-to-your-job
Tailor to your job

Based on the Department of Labor’s General Education Development levels, understand which level of basic math and verbal skills is essential for your role

Easily-understand-reports Easily-understand-reports
Easily understand reports

Get an easy-to-interpret, one-page report - with multi-color usage for readability at a glance. Doesn’t get easier than that.

Do-everything-online Do-everything-online
Stay on top of candidates

Sort and filter tools allow you to quickly rank, order, and prioritize your candidates. Track like a boss by pushing high-scoring applicants throughout your hiring process.

Manage-simply Manage-simply
Administer your way

Online or paper-and-pencil administration, on-site or remote (non proctored), group or individual setting. As burger royalty would say - have it your way.

Trustworthy-results Trustworthy-results
Trustworthy results

Item Response Theory scoring uses item level characteristics and the overall response pattern to enhance the accuracy of the results. Probably as important as the big bang theory.

Making it awesome

Use the ideal test for entry level candidates’ verbal and math skills
Ensure new hires have effective written communication and email skills
Avoid hiring those most likely to make costly mathematical mistakes
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