Wheel City Auto

“The Wonderlic Comprehensive Personality Profile is amazingly accurate.”
Wheel City Auto has been providing dependable and affordable transportation to thousands of customers since 1993. It’s one of the largest independent dealers in and around Sioux Falls, South Dakota, stocking a full line of SUVs, vans, cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Through a financing partner, the company provides financing for all credit histories. From soup to nuts, they help car shoppers find and finance a new set of wheels.

The Wonderlic Personality Assessment is amazingly accurate...are we really that predictable? The answer is yes.

Bruce Nerison, Owner of Wheel City Auto

The Challenge

Like most entrepreneurs, Bruce Nerison, owner of Wheel City Auto, takes hiring very seriously. Nerison’s process is a bit outside-the-box for a car dealership, though. He chooses to hire salespeople with no prior car sales experience. “I don’t want to be put in the position of having to retrain someone into our way of doing things,” Nerison says. “It’s much easier to teach someone from the ground up than to retrain them.” By ruling out candidates with a proven track record of success in his industry, Nerison realized he had to tweak the way he went about hiring.

The Solution

So, along with interviews and references, Nerison relies on Wonderlic personality assessments. The results describe a candidate’s job-related strengths and weaknesses and measure traits such as intuition, sensitivity, assertiveness, and recognition motivation.

The Results

Nerison’s use of the assessment has worked better than he imagined, and he says the results are nothing short of astounding.  “The Wonderlic personality assessment is amazingly accurate,” Nerison says. “I mean, it’s weird how accurate it is. I’ve seen it over and over again. An accountant is going to score very differently than a good salesperson. Are we really that predictable? The answer is, yes.” For Nerison, the closer those potential hires get to the ideal scores, the better. “I want people to have high emotional intensity, high trust, and a lot of drive,” he says. “This test is really valuable for predicting who is going to stay put for a while and do a great job for me.” The proof of his success with the personality assessment shows in the employees Nerison sees every day on his sales floor. “We don’t have a lot of turnovers here,” he says. “That’s because we hire the right people who are capable of doing the job. You can have the best work environment in the whole world, but if you hire the wrong people, you’ll have turnover. We don’t.”

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