What do I need to know about the Wonderlic test?

Good thing you’ve got us here to help.

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First thing you need to know is that we help job seekers and students showcase their abilities to the companies and schools during the application process.


Your resume and interview only show a small part of who you are and what you’re capable of...we help paint a more complete picture of what you can do. Wonderlic won’t replace your resume; we’re simply allowing businesses to get to know you better. Plus, by giving candidates like you the opportunity to showcase your full capabilities, employers are leveling the playing field between you and other applicants.

Oh, and we’ve got some really great news if you’re feeling nervous...

you don’t have to study.

We’re trying to learn more about one thing and one thing only -

You’re already an expert in that area.

See how tests make the process more fair for everyone.

The Inside Scoop

Let’s talk about exactly what’ll go down…
it’s actually a simple process:


Getting Started


No prep needed - just find a quiet, distraction-free spot.


You can take our tests on almost any device, but you’ll obviously want to make sure you have a good internet connection. Of course, a computer will probably make it easiest for you.

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To launch the assessment, you’ll simply click on the link provided by your potential employer.


Complete the assessment

We have lots of different tests, but most people are taking one or more of the following three


Cognitive ability
AKA problem solving ability: measures how quickly you can process information. This is timed at 12 minutes. Many people don’t answer all 50 questions- just focus on providing as many correct answers as possible.


That’s pretty self-explanatory, right? These questions will ask about your work-related interests. It’s not timed, but it usually takes about 15 minutes - it’s actually kinda fun. You get to talk about yourself!


No, it’s not going to tell you which Harry Potter character you are. It’s all about who you are - outside of the interview - to show employers what you’re actually like. This one usually takes about 20 minutes- but again, not timed.

And we know what you’re thinking: How’s this relevant to what I’m applying for? Our team of scientists has put a ton of research into the validity of the questions we ask, and how accurate the information learned is in determining who’s a perfect fit for any given position.


Results are in:


Your scores are sent to the company you applied to - and then the Wonderlic leg of your application journey is finished.


Since each company has a unique hiring process, the recruiter or hiring manager will let you know what’s next. If you have additional questions, we recommend contacting them directly.

What do actual candidates think about our tests?

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“I like that assessments help the company get to know me before the interview process.”

“I like the assessments because it makes me feel as if the company actually cares about knowing the people they are potentially hiring.”

“It gives employers more information than just what’s on my resume.”

“I like that assessments help the company get to know the candidate before the interview process.”

Want to beat the Wonderlic?

No matter which test you’re taking, we’ve got great news…
there’s really nothing to beat.

Most of our assessments don’t have right/wrong answers, so that gets rid of any reason to feel like you have to “pass”. The best thing you can do is be as honest as possible (and it won’t hurt to take the assessment in a quiet, distraction-free environment).

Lots of people ask us for a practice Wonderlic test and study, but practice tests shouldn’t really impact your results.

But we get it - it’s nice to know what you’re going to be looking at. Here are a few sample questions:

Have some more questions?

Chat with us to get some answers.

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